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    Infinix Hot 9 Play unboxing and review full specification Price

                  Infinix Hot 9 Play unboxing and review

    Hey guys, it’s Liaquat Ali here and this is my unboxing and review of the Infinix Hot 9 Play. It is not to be confused with the vanilla Infinix Hot 9 or Hot 9 Pro.

    Credit by Eric Okafor

    Key feature of this smartphone of 2020

    • Here we comparison Infinix Hot 9 with infinix note 7.
    • Infinix Hot 9 Play price in Pakistan
    •  Infinix Hot 9 Play Review and Unboxing.
    • Infinix Hot 9 Play Camera front and back Range focus.
    • Infinix Hot 9 Play gaming performance.
    • Infinix Hot 9 Play Display & battery life.
    • Infinix Hot 9 Play full specification and Price range
    • Infinix Hot 9 Play And better than hot 9 and hot 9 pro.
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     First off let’s see what we have in the box.

    Things in which Box

    When you open it up, you’re greeted with the smartphone. Let’s take out the sticker on the back and on the front. This is the ocean wave color, it also comes in quetzal cyan, violet and midnight black. We have a warranty card, an envelope that houses the SIM ejection tool, your X-club leaflet, a film screen protector and a hard plastic case.

    Credit by Eric Okafor
    Let see how well this fits, it’s got extra-long cut outs on the side probably to avoid adding more width to it.

    Charger and Earphone

    On the bottom compartment, we have a standard10 watt charger, a micro USB cable and a pair of earphones. I didn’t get a user guide in my review unit but the phone settings actually have all the information about supported bands.

    Mobile all side review Like: Resolution, Camera, Flash, LED, Fingerprint Sensor, Sim Card Tray Buttons, speaker, charger & headphone Jacks etc.

    On the front you have a 6.82 inch HD Plus IPS LCD display with 20.5 by 9 aspect ratio. On top of the display you have a dew drop notch that houses an 8-megapixel selfie camera with a flash and a speaker which happens to be the only speaker on this phone.
    Credit by Eric Okafor

    On the back, you have a 13-megapixel dual camera setup with triple flash. You also have a finger print sensor and some Infinix branding.
    On the left you have a 3 in 1 tray that house is 2 4g/Lte Nano SIMs and an SD card On the right you have a volume rocker and power button On the top you have nothing On the bottom you have a microphone, a micro USB port and a3.5mm headphone jack.

    About the design, Infinix Hot 9 Play spots the trendy wide camera layout which gives it a modern look and the camera bump is really tiny, almost sits flush with the back. The back and frame are made from plastic and this pattern you see here is only a paint job so it’s a smooth surface all-around.
    This phone is ginormous. It looks big and feels heavy. The only reason why I’m still able to get a grip of it in one hand is because of that long aspect ratio but make no mistake, it’s not convenient for one handed use at all.

    Comparison with Infinix Note 7

    For size comparison, the Infinix Note 7 is only slightly taller and wider but not as heavy as the Hot 9 play. On the front, the dew drop display is actually pretty bright outdoors with great viewing angles, some people may consider this notch old school.
    But I’ve said it before that tiny notches and punch holes take up around the exact same space. There’s even an option to hide it for those that create problems where there’s none.

    Credit by Eric Okafor

     The bezels and chin aren’t super thin, pretty similar to what we got on the Hot 8. That flash light isn’t for notifications but it does show dimly when a charger is plugged in.


    This display has an aspect ratio that’s ideal for watching movies but it is a 720pdisplay and YouTube videos will be capped at 720p, which is to be expected at this price point, no complaints there.

    Storage & Android Version

    My review unit comes with 32 Gigs of storage variant and 2 gigs of ram. You get 25 Gigs of available storage. There are other storage variants that may or may not be available depending on your region. We’re running on Android 10 with XOS Dolphin version 6.2slapped on top of it.
    Credit by Eric Okafor 

     I’ve covered most of what you need to know about XOS Dolphin in my Note 7 review,

    Somethings change

    I’d be leaving a linkup above. What’s unique about this one has to do with the fact that it uses the Go edition. I know it doesn’t look like it because we still get a ton of bloatware, most of which you cannot uninstall.
     However, we get some Go edition apps and then there’s no split screen feature which is typical of Android go edition. The Hot 9 Play uses the Mediatek Helio A22Quad-Core CPU clocked at 2.0GHZ and it’s the same one on the Hot 8.
    In terms of performance, I’d say it generally feels faster than your average Helio A22 powered smartphone and it doesn’t slow down so much with multi-tasking. Perhaps using the lighter Go edition rather than a full Android 10 gives it that extra kick in terms of speed. Your everyday calls, texts, messaging and social media apps are what the Hot 9 Play is good at, not the hard core tasks like 4K video editing or playing Fortnight.

    Fingerprint Speaker sound

    The fingerprint sensor is quite fair in terms of unlocking speed and accuracy, not superfast but not slow either. I can say the same for the face unlock, the speed is fair and it actually unlocks in every type of lighting, even in a pitch darkness Here’s how the front firing speaker compares side by side the Infinix S5 Pro’s.

    Gaming Performance

    When it comes to gaming, I played Call of Duty on low graphics and medium frame rates, the highest COD setting for this phone. I actually played alongside one of our subscribers so if you haven’t added me yet, what are you waiting for.
     I can’t even fault this low end phone when it comes to running COD but then again this isn’t some graphics intensive setting or anything like that and even though I actually enjoyed the COD gameplay, it’s not a gaming phone by any measure.
     Also unlike most phones with this configuration, I found that you can leave a game paused in the background and actually get back to meet it still open. I wouldn’t recommend you do multiple activities with games running on here but this is just another extra benefit to that Android Go Edition.

    Battery Life & Battery Usage

    The Infinix Hot 9 Play is powered by a hefty6000mAh battery and I put it through my usual battery test. 6 Whopping hours of COD, 3+hours of watching Facebook videos, 2 hours on twitter, 3+hours on Instagram etcetera all on Wi-Fi. This gave me well over 15 hours of screen on time with 11 percent left to spare.
    There’s no doubt that this battery would last the average person well over a day, no matter what you do on it. Filing it under the battery beast+ category and it is one of 2 reasons you may want to pick this over the Hot 9 and Hot 9 Pro.
    It took me 4hours and 10 minutes to charge from 0 to 100percent which is like forever and a day to most people but at least you probably only have to charge it every other day. It does not support fast charging.

    Front Camera & Back Camera

    The Hot 9 Play camera interface is pretty simple and you won’t see some features you get on the Note or S series here. Using it outdoors, we get excellent high dynamic range. However, it’s much better in shots like this than the close range shots.
     For instance, the prints of my palm seem to be blurred out and this isn’t even a portrait shot. In spite of this, I like the skin tones on the primary camera outdoors and it will actually pass for midrange quality on social media or to the untrained eye.
     With portrait mode however, the depth sensing is way above average which is surprising fora phone in this class. Of course if you don’t remember to clean your lens and your hands are shaky, you’d never get a shot like this. The Selfie camera outdoors is actually pretty good, Yeah the skin tone is lighter than in real life but no over exposure here and itis quite detailed.
     Using portrait mode, the depth sensing is excellent. No cropped ears and my head is completely in focus. Indoors you get that obvious low end camera quality across the board, you can see the it’s struggling with focus.
     I think the selfie camera makes me look like I’m frozen or a ghost. So again low end phone cameras need light and lots of it so if you’re indoors and you don’t want to look undead, use the flash. It records videos in 1080P for the front and back camera.

    Some Talk on it

     The Infinix Hot 9 Play is a low end phablet that really caters to those it is made for exceedingly well and a little bit of everything else. For young people who are power hungry users that normally charge a 4000mAh battery more than once a day because they’re in a gazillion group chats or just generally doing the absolute most on their phone all day long and then there are those who use low end phones that can only play COD for4 -6 hours. Lastly the elderly. Because the phone is so big, the screen is so big and hence, bigger texts and icons. For all of these specific features, the Hot9 Play will actually give you more value than the Hot 9 and Hot 9 Pro. Not a lot of phones offer a 6000mAh battery within this price range.

    Price Range of infinix Hot 9

    It’s priced at N51,100 which converts to$110 US dollars. 
    Do let me know what you think of the Hot 9 Play in the comments. If you enjoyed this post, please share it, also follow me on Twitter or Instagram.

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