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    How to delete or deactivate Facebook account

     how to deactivate Facebook account delete Facebook account

    If you'd like to permanently delete your Facebook account, then stay tuned, read this post, as I show you how.

    Hi, there, Liaquat Ali here once again fromAbleoftech.com,

    Now if you'd like to permanently delete your Facebook account, then I'm going to show you in this post and video.

    So you want to delete your Facebook account. Whether it is you don't like Zuckerberg stalking your every move, whether you don't want them selling your data, or whether it's because the Facebook app is listening to all your conversations and is then spookily sending you ads based on what you've said.

    Now Facebook doesn't want you to leave, and that's why they hide these settings away from you, but by law they have to.

    So, let's head on over to the trusted computer, as I show you how to delete your Facebook account permanently.

    Okay, so, the first thing we need to do is actually go up to the Quick

    Help icon

    Here on Facebook when you're logged in. So if we click on that and

    then type in permanently, and what you'll get is how do I permanently delete my Facebook account.

    Facebook tried to hide this, but they have to give you the information, so, when you know where to look, they will give it to you.

    So, they give you information on what happens when you permanently delete your account, what if you don't want to permanently delete it but would like just to take a break.

    So if you do want to temporarily deactivate your account, click on this link here. Now, when you get down to how do I permanently delete my account, they also give you a link to download a copy of all your information.

    This is very important. Because it gives you all your posts, all your images, all your videos, everything you've uploaded, and much more. So why don't we look at this?

    So we have our information here, so we'll see posts, posts, and videos, photos, comments, all of this information here.

    You can then download that, and you can then also get a copy of your media, which is your photos, etcetera.

    Then it'll create a file, send you that link to download, and then you can download all your information from there.

    So when you want to permanently delete your account, follow the instructions here, which click on

    the triangle here, go to Settings, go to the left-hand side where it says Your Facebook Information, click on that, and you can also download your information here.

    And at the bottom, you have the link here, delete your account and information.

    So if you click on that. So again, they give you the option to deactivate your account, you can download your information, you can edit page admin settings as well. You can also manage your apps.

    But if you want to just delete it, click on Delete Account, enter your password, and click on Continue.

    The information here will tell you that you have 30 days to cancel the deletion of your account, and then after 30 days, all the information and your account will be permanently deleted, and you won't be able to retrieve your information.

    If you don't Understand then the last section video also watch in Urdu English dual language

    Now it can take up to 90 days for all the content to be deleted from Facebook.

    But once you initiate the deletion of your account, you'll be totally hidden from Facebook altogether.

    Everything will be taken off. Then they'll take up to 90 days to delete your content. But if you do want to just take a break and temporarily deactivate your account, click in this link here. You can hide from Facebook and keep all your data on there.

    So there you go, that ‘show you permanently delete your Facebook account. Before you do, make sure to have a look at those apps because those apps still contain data that you've put in there over time, and they can still use it. So delete the apps before you delete your account so that all your data is deleted. Now I'd love to know why you want to delete your Facebook account, whether it is Zuckerberg is outside your house, or you just don't want them selling your data.


    Let me know in the old

    comments area below. And I'll do the best I can to help you get that question answered. And also make sure to like and share this post with someone who you believe it can help.

    Thanks for reading, I

    look forward to seeing you




    Some answer question about Peoples query solve it, please read carefully.

    How to permanently delete Facebook Account on mobile or desktop.

    it gives you 30 days to temporarily deactivate Facebook Account. And if don’t log in again in which 30 days after 30 days you open and log in then your account is fully removed and deleted from your friends and all Facebook platform.

    Sometimes people ask me questions on this website about How to remove a Facebook account.

    how to temporarily deactivate Facebook? This question answer is yes it gives you 30 days to temporarily deactivate Facebook.

    Is deactivate Facebook messenger? Yes, it’s also deactivate Facebook Messenger.

    How do I deactivate and disable my Facebook account? Your question answer in the top section written and down scroll to watch a video ok.

    This question-answer I give in next time how to deactivate Facebook page? Please comment below for any problem face I will solve you ok. And also, comment below on the page deleting process.

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