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    iPhone 12 5g iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone 12 pro vs iPhone 12 pro max.

    iPhone 12 5g iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone 12 pro vs iPhone 12 pro max.

     All right what's up Liaquat jam here call it but of course, since it's 2020 it was a virtual event nobody actually went down to apple headquarters to see the new iPhone instead we got the pre-recorded apple announcement so okay then we got to the new iPhone.

    iPhone 12 5g iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone 12 pro vs iPhone 12 pro max.


    •  iPhone 12 
    • iPhone 12 mini
    • iPhone 12 pro 
    • iPhone 12 pro max.

     So four new iPhone and there's a lot of really cool stuff in here I gettable honest I like a lot of what they showed in fact, I think a lot of iPhone 12 is so good that it makes the 12 pro a little a bit less like a convincing buy for me maybe let   me know if you feel the same way but really first of all the big overarching headliner feature for all these new iPhone is 5g they all have it they spent what felt like a million years talking about it they went over the faster data speeds  the higher capacity how it's the future you know they had Verizon come up on  stage to say all this great stuff about  it so here’s what I’ll say about 5g all right it's a two-sided thing uh right now not really ready yet like most people don't have 5g coverage whether it's the device they're on or the network they're on it's just not out there yet I did a whole video on 5g explained about why  it's not out there first link below the like button if you want to check it out but the bottom line is you probably don't have 5g yet the coverage isn't really there the infrastructure just isn't really built yet so you're not really buying a  phone right now because it has 5gbut but people keep iPhone for probably the longest amount of time of any new phone so people are going to have this new iPhone in three four-five years and in five years there's a better chance that 5g will be more built out and maybe you'd regret not having 5g  in five years.

    so it's a good thing that all the new iPhone have 5g so you don't have to pick the one that does or doesn't have it they all have 5g so okay first up iPhone 12. and the new design to me is pretty sweet it's the new flat-sided shape that I was waiting for like iPad pro it's got the aluminum frame all the way around the flat screen and of course some new antenna action positioning it well for 5g there's ip68 water resistance and there's a new ceramic shield with specialized glass on the front ceramic shield it's an interesting  branding of a new glass features Apple didn't even really want to call it glass  it's a new composite material with crystallization and they didn't actually call it glass at any point on stage but what you should know is it's offering four times better drop protection that's the main headlining feature now of course there's going to be people going out and testing this  it's hard to quantify what is four times better do you drop it and it breaks a quarter of the time that.

    iPhone 12 5g iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone 12 pro vs iPhone 12 pro max.

     it usually would I don't  really know I’m just hoping it translates to better  scratch protection but I think they're talking about shadow resistance either way there's going to be drop tests on YouTube in a couple weeks hopefully it's stronger glass so the  three big new things they talked about on the iPhone 12  phone itself are the s
    reen charging and the cameras so the screen is now much better  it goes from that 720p led screen we all kind of like talking about on iPhone 11  to now it's a 6.1 inch 1080p OLED display with thinner bezels it’s a significantly better screen than on iPhone 11 and of course.

     I’m happy to see this  better brightness much more contrast in an OLED  better pixel density the whole the thing the  notch doesn't go away as you can tell obviously but  that might be the only downside it's a hdr10 certified it's flat right up to the edges the  whole thing is nice  the new cameras are also pretty nice  it's a new dual 12-megapixel camera  system so they didn't change the numbers here but it is a new ultra-wide and a new standard camera with an f 1.6 aperture and that should make for better low light and portrait shot performance but you know  most of the smartphone camera improvements that you get in 2020 nowadays are with software  and so you're going to see stuff like that with their new smart hdr 3 with night mode coming to the front-facing camera that's pretty sweet  so all the stuff combined should make a better camera system in iPhone 12 but I’m definitely going to have to be testing that for the full review as well.

    Charger Magsafe Wireless

     So then when I say new charging I don't mean USB-c which would have been nice but what I do mean is the new magnets built into the back  of the phone because  MagSafe is back this to me, this is the coolest new thing in the iPhone to be totally honest I guess I’m so used to so you know how there's an an apple watch charger where you just connect it with magnets it lines it up slap it on charges the watch well now there's going to be MagSafe big wireless the charger that slaps on the back of the phone helps you align it perfectly every time and charges the phone it's not wireless there's still a wire but like now you maybe you can kind of still use the phone while it's charging that way this is this is the part where it would be nice to have a hands-on because then i could see like how strong  the magnets really are and if they really firmly connect to the back of the phone and all that stuff but i don't know i think magsafe being back is sweet I checked the apple store it's already up actually  39 bucks for the iPhone 12 MagSafe charger  not insane.

     But not cheap obviously but it's at least it's not a hundred bucks  or something stupid it'll charge at 15watts  so a normal 2020 wireless charging speed nothing too crazy so I’m into that but not just for the  charging part but also for the entire ecosystem of mag safe accessories that  are born from this magnet and a lot of these are also already up in the apple  store you know there's now this little wallet that magnetizes to the back of the phone.

      now there are some mag safe cases and MagSafe is stackable so it'll charge through the case to a lot of cool stuff just snapping onto the back of the phone and I imagine there will be way more third-party mag safe accessories that come out as soon as this phone drops which could  be cool for other chargers and other cases and things like those other accessories for the iPhone uh yeah there's going to be a lot of stuff snapping on the back of the iPhone also it's probably going to get a lot of people really used to snapping things on  the back of the iPhone and not wanting to plugin any hotter take next iPhone won't have a plug because everyone's going to be so used to snapping it on the back.

     it's not a good take it's  just a hot take also speaking of charging there is officially now no charging brick in any of the iPhone boxes starting with  iPhone 12which again sounds crazy but we also  called it there's a whole video again that I did I’ll link below just about this and I kind of called it pretty much exactly the way they did it in this event they talked about it in the environmental section of the keynote you know all the environmental e-waste savings and all that stuff they showed us a new smaller iPhone box which saves space and shipping now that volume is smaller that's more efficient you can watch that whole the video below if you want to see it more in-depth analysis or ranting on what that means for the phone’s box and  the rest of the industry but yeah iPhone now will just come with the phone itself and a single sub to lightning cable and the paperwork and that's it there are of course all the new usual year-over-year.


    iPhone 12 5g iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone 12 pro vs iPhone 12 pro max Color in use.

     iPhone improvements here with the iPhone 12, there are new colors blue red black white, and green I’m personally feeling that blue and the red since phones are still pretty shiny here from what I can tell  and there's a new chip as well a14 bionic which is the first five-nanometer chip in any phone six-core CPU four-core GPU better machine learning performance and image processing etc. etc. this is no surprise apple's been really good at chips not to take anything for granted but yeah this is going to be a pretty fast phone for a long time so that's iPhone 12 right that phone is going to be 7.99 and then real quick they also dramatically unveiled a smaller iPhone 12 mini and it comes out like a month later in the year but basically the iPhone 12 mini is just a smaller version of everything we just saw that's new in the iPhone 12 mag safe new colors all that stuff but just smaller and a 5.4-inch display and that phone iPhone 12 mini is going to be 6.99 so the price of the standard iPhone did just go up technically but they brought in so they made a new mini version to fill in that price gap and they still have these so they still have a whole lineup of phones ranging from a bunch of different prices.

     but I’m very curious about this mini  and getting my hands-on it and just how small it'll feel on the hand and if there's any reason to get it over the regular 12. but of course, that leads us to the big dogs you see here iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 pro max now there's actually not that much in my opinion different about the pros this year versus the 12. so the prices are still, the same 999 and 1099 both starting at 128 gigs but the main more subtle differences here are the size the colors and the cameras so not a drastic stuff but that's what's new so again it packs all the good stuff from the 12 that we just talked about  ip68 water resistance the ceramic shield  the a14 bionic the MagSafe magnets and now it's just in a body with slightly larger displays than the last year 6.1 inch and 6.7 inches OLEDSand you're getting flat stainless steel sides now instead of aluminum which is incredibly shiny and uh the new colors here are white black blue and gold and I swear to you that  gold looks guess I’d say better than anything the Escobar brand could have cooked up so  well done apple it's a flashy phone and then basically, if you're looking for the real reason to buy the pros  look no further than those camera modules that's where the big new stuff is  so it's still triple cameras but it's an all-new hardware stack so a new standard  and ultra-wide and telephoto camera both the pros have deep fusion on all four cameras including the front-facing camera and you also now do get that LIDAR sensor back there which we first saw in  the iPad Pro earlier this year and it should help with not just better and more accurate ar  but also improved autofocus in the dark which is sweet honestly lidar to I seem more useful more often on an iPhone where you take a lot of photos in low light than an iPad  so it's kind of funny that we got it on the iPad first but lidar is on the iPhone now there's also, this new pro raw image format that they talked briefly about and it looked really cool but then  when you look up the specs of the iphone  on their site it says coming soon which is what they said  about deep fusion for months before it actually came out so I’m going to hold my judgment on this pro raw image format until it is actually  out and then curiously  slightly different cameras on the 12 pro   and 12 pro max so 2.5 x telephoto on the 12 pro max and 2x telephoto   on the 12 pros slight difference there it's not like 100x zoom or anything  crazy but   that is different and then the 12 pro max has a better   sensor shift optical image stabilization   while all the others have it built into the lens like it always has been so really the max has all the highest end features and then probably their biggest  flex in the camera module of them all was the pros 10-bit Dolby vision hdr 4k 60 fps the video just insane it's the only camera in the world that'll shoot Dolby vision when it comes out  and again having a new standard like this where this is the only camera in the world that'll do it doesn't really lend itself to any reputation for that standard so if it's a good camera we'll all think good things about Dolby vision but yeah I don't know how good that's going to be yet but I’m excited to actually see it and so that is basically.

     it for what's new with the pros now you might have noticed there's one thing missing at least one the thing I was kind of hoping for which is promotion high refresh rate 120 hertz that is not  in these new iPhone it's not in the iPhone 12 pro or 12 pro max now if you're defending apple of course you're saying oh whatever it's  not a big deal the average person wasn't really going to notice that which I guess okay fine you're technically you're right if you're just going to defend them no matter what then yes  they made the right choice no one was going to notice that  but also, Apple is notorious for doing that extra next level of stuff that the  average person probably won't notice like 10 bit 4k 60fps Dolby vision hdr video and all kinds of stuff like the calibration in their displays so I’m  also a little bummed that they don't have a promotion here because to be the person with a thousand dollars to spend on a phone and I want to really be convinced by this phone over you know another android phone.

     I could buy up to that specific customer who's going to appreciate 10 bit 4k hdr uh I would appreciate the high refresh rate too but whatever the reason is whether it's the yields not being high enough for that display quality or they just couldn't get them in that volume at all whatever the reason it's not here fingers crossed maybe for next year then a couple other small notes we see those uh notches still on all the new iPhones they appear to all be  the same size and shape as before they didn't mention face id once on stage so I'm just going to go ahead and assume  there are no improvements to face same sensors up there uh yeah same face id then for 5g they talked about a smart data model on the iPhone which  intelligently only uses the 5g radios when they're needed which to me kind of  sounds a little bit like.

    Price of iPhone 12

    Some time  people ask these questions

     What is the price of an iPhone 12 Pro Max in Pakistan?

    Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max's lowest price in Pakistan is Rs. 264999. 

    What is the price of an iPhone 12 in Pakistan?


    What is the price of an iPhone 12 Max Pro?


    What is the price of an iPhone 11 Pro Max in Pakistan?

    Model                          128GB                         256GB

    iPhone 12 Max 5G online       $649                No leaked information

    iPhone 12 Pro online               $999                            $1,099

    iPhone 12 Max online             $749                            $849

    iPhone 12 Pro Max online      $1,099                         $1,199

     we only have a high refresh rate on the iPad when it's needed meaning not all the time but I'm super curious when they turn on 5g and when they don't will it be off most of the time to save battery  5g is a big battery hit very interested in testing the iPhone and seeing when that turns on and then yes that  mysterious little rectangular cutout on the side of the iPhones that we've seen all the way from the models all the way to the renders in the keynote that is the 5g antenna cutout four-millimeter wave officially so that's it I don't really have any other impressions of like the materials and the new sizes and how big the mini is versus the max and the colors and all that stuff because we don't have them so that'll be a separate video when we actually do get them here in the studio and I can check them out and deliver that to you guys so make sure you subscribe to be among the first to see it when it does come out but let me know what you think.  which one of these four new iPhone speaks to you the most I’m kind of probably still going to go for the max anyway either way thanks for watching enjoy

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